coffee, house-made pastries,

grab & go sandwiches 


full service lunch, dinner & brunch, wine, beer, cocktails


pantry essentials, produce,

fresh bread

Bodega Henriette

1801 Gerrard Street East

Toronto, Ontario
M4L 2B5

Bodega Henriette

Coffee, Commissary, Retail 

234 King Street East

Toronto, Ontario
M5a 1K1

bodega henriette is all

my favorite things 

Nothing makes me feel as good about what I do more than seeing

a neighbourhood kid walk in on their own with a handful of

change on a mission to pick up some eggs. 

I believe that every neighbourhood should have a local spot that encourages

community life, face-to-face interaction and walkability.

Bodega Henriette was intended to be a place that fills many niches.

A go-to for neighbours, families and friends to meet up for a coffee, a meal,

a drink; a spot to grab a coffee or sandwich to go; a corner to pick up 

milk and a loaf of bread; a safe and honest workplace.

We strive for an easygoing & genuine excellence 

in everything we do and work thoughtfully to

ensure that how we operate reflects us and our community. 

We hope you enjoy and thank you for your patronage!



                                                                                                     - Nicole