Arugula & Frisée Salad poached radish, picked shallot, spiced pecan, lemon vinaigrette    11

Falafel Sandwich edamame & cilantro falafel, red pepper jelly, pickled cucumber, soy hummus, arugula, fingerlings & salad    13

Grilled Rapini Sandwich garlic chili rapini, pickled egg, parmesan, red pepper jelly, lemon aioli, fingerlings & salad    13

*above sandwiches can be served as lettuce wraps


Bodega Burger 2 patties, American cheese, bacon, charred tomato, pickled cucumber, lettuce, crispy onion & aioli on a brioche bun, fingerlings    17

Smoked Salmon Nicoise Salad   17

Bacon Breakfast Sandwich with scrambled egg & cheddar    10

Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich with scrambled egg, arugula & cheddar    9

Grilled Cheese Sandwich & fingerlings    10

Sweet French Toast fresh berries, maple syrup and Chantilly cream    14

Savory French Toast cinnamon dusted pork belly, bacon, blueberry compote, maple syrup    16

BBQ Peameal Sandwich house-made peameal, mustard bbq sauce, crispy onion, fried egg , fingerlings & salad    16

Scrambled Eggs house-smoked salmon, crème fraiche, crispy caper, pickled shallot, fingerlings    16

Breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast & fingerlings    13

Crispy Tofu charred tomato, avocado mousse, herb dressing, fingerlings & salad    13


egg   2/ bacon   4/ fingerlings   6/ extra maple syrup   2


For the kids (under 12)

Burger with cheese, fingerlings    8

Scrambled eggs, bacon, fingerlings    7

Grilled cheese sandwich    6

French toast, berries, maple syrup and Chantilly cream    7