Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

with scrambled egg & cheddar    10

Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich

with scrambled egg, arugula & cheddar    10

Muffaletta Sandwich

with mortadella, sopressata, capocollo, swiss cheese, olive & pickled vegetable salad  (served cold)  12

Grilled Bomba Chicken & Rapini Sandwich

with roasted tomato, sunflower seed, arugula pesto, garlic aioli     12

Kale Chicken Caesar Wrap 

with bacon, grana padano, cornbread crouton, house caesar dressing     12

Green Goddess Sandwich

with roasted tomato, grilled zucchini, baby arugula, green beans, goat cheese, avocado green goddess dressing, vegan mayo  (served cold)  12

Vegan Breakfast Burrito

with scrambled tofu, tomato, onion, baby arugula, red cabbage, black bean spread, 

vegan ranch dressing    13

Grilled Chicken and Orzo Bodega Bowl

Bomba grilled chicken, orzo, arugula & sunflower seed pesto, grilled rapini, roasted tomato

cured egg yolk  (served cold)     13

Falafel and Quinoa Bowl

Cilantro & edamame falafel, red quinoa salad, soy hummus, pickled red & golden beets,

pickled carrot, radish, za'atar chickpeas, spiced pumpkin seeds, lemon tahini dressing 

(served cold, vg, gf)  13 

Green Goddess Bowl  

Chimichurri marinated tofu, baby arugula, broccoli, grilled zucchini, edamame, red cabbage, grape tomatoes, green beans, avocado green goddess dressing  (served cold, bg/gf)  14